Earring Galore

My order of silver studs and earring hooks has finally arrived. Time to make some glass bead earrings:

Here are two detail shots of one pair (rest will follow...):


Crochet Ring Bracelet

Following the tutorial on CraftStylish I made this crochet ring bracelet.

Main differences are that I used acrylic wool, I used instead of rigid plastic rings flexible silicone sealings and I used an other kind of closing.


Green Glass Pearls of India

Just playing around with the style. Green glass beads work, too.

I have to work on my photography skills. Making pictures in SuperMacro ain't that easy, because of the focal planes (you never get everything focused at once...).


Greetings from the XI. international basket fair

Hello there! We had a fun time hanging around at the "International Basket Fair" this weekend.

A really nice event, featuring mostly....ehm...baskets.


The pearls of India earrings

What happens when glass pearls from India, cotton string, silver beads and silver earrings meet? Magic!