Watercolor Wednesday: Fantasy Butterfly Sketches

After last weeks watercolor sketches of colorful butterflies, I was asked to draw some bigger pictures. Today I started to to some 7x7cm sketches to look at possible compositions,



Fabric covered notebook – Third iteration

Changing some minor things in the process, I went on to make another fabric covered notebook, Again it is about A6 ion size and has 9 signatures of 4 folded pages. The cover is recycled cardboard and envelopes.



Fabric covered notebook – Second iteration

Trying to make a better notebook, I bound by hand another one. with 9 signature in a recycled cardboard cover. The pages are roughly A6 sized. Again this was done in long-stitch binding with green thread.


To cover the threads and give the spine more stability I glued recycled envelope paper over it. Gives a nice look.


I’ve sewn a fabric cover for the notebook with an elastic band for cling the book. The combination of the two fabrics looks good, I’d say. On the inside you can see the envelope paper used to glue the cover to the first and last page of the notebook.



Recycled Fabric Covered Notebook

I am again prototyping recycled notebooks. Starting off with a recycled cardboard cut to size I prepared 4 A6-sized signatures of 4 pieces of paper each.


Sewing the signatures to the cardboard cover with long stich binding the notebook is essential done.


Using pieces of reclaimed envelopes I connected the first page to the cardboard. The used spray glue left some stains on the paper….next time I will go with white glue thinned with water.


I sew a fabric cover for the notebook from some scrap fabric.


Turned out pretty well, but there is still some experience to gain…