Not many updates?

Oh hai! At the time I do not update this blog a lot (as you noticed). That is because (a) I am finishing my PhD right now and (b) we are moving to an other city. All my stuff is allready stowed away in boxes. But I will start to blog again, when we moved and we get a new internet provider (keep your fingers crossed!).

See you soon.



Sewing exercise: Cushioning for the cat surveillance bench

Just as another sewinbg exercise, I made a cushioned mat for a bench we put in front of a window, so the cat can have a look outside and be comfortable, when she is not goofing around.


The denim bibs

In preperation towards the birth of our niece, I make some smaller projects as gifts. This bibs where made from scrap fabrics and a jeans. Click on the pics to see a larger version.

Original idea from Linda Perman, refined design over at Thimblythings.


We greet our new overlord!

So, long time no see, eh? Well, we at the figaflors laboratories where busy, because we got a new family member.
Crying in the street we found this cat.Can you imagine our joy? A free cat! FREE!
So in the last weeks our 4 weeks old free kitten became the queen of our apartment. She learned in a couple of weeks how to eat proper food instead of milk out of a bottle, she can see now (eye color changed from blue to green), walk and jump and climb the stairs. Yay for the little kitten that could!


Beach glass pendants

One of the more enjoyable Sunday activities is to stroll about the beach on the search for beach glass.

Small sanded down pieces of glass are pretty nice for making some pendants.


Scrap fabric coin pouch

One of the re-use project of the recent past. I noticed that I have to practice sewing zippers...


Upcycling - Plastic bottle to cellphone charging station

A sturdy plastic bottle (i think it was of an detergent) becomes a cell phone charging station. Better than having the phone dangling about or even have it laying on the floor.

The original tutorial at Zakkalife has been taken down because of safety issues. I couldn't read the comments he referred to, but over at Unclutterer people pointed out that the plastic of the bottle is touching the metallic prongs of the charger. In this project that is not the case, because this is european standard and we are not touching anything live. But NOTE: If you are uncomfortable with electronics, just leave it alone. There are thousands of projects you can do instead!


Upcycling - Fused plastic bag zipper pouch

Another upcycling project. Fusing eight grocery plastic bags together gives a good material for sewing projects. The material is surprisingly easy to sew with a machine. A tutorial for fusing was published by the Etsy Labs.


Upcycling - The pop tab bracelet

Lately I got into upcycling. Here is the first project. A tutorial can be found here.

Edit: Updated link to another tutorial.Deleted Google link for other tutorial.Thanks to Maliers for giving a hint that I have to review my links.


The Fleece Panda Beanie

Behold! The mighty panda beanie I made. That was just another practice to make a beanie pattern...