DIY Soundproofing Panels

On occasion I am making music, so I decided to make a music/sewing room in my spare bedroom. The major problem is that the acoustics in this room are not the best. Too many flat surfaces are reflecting the sound. So I made some soundproofing panels, which absorbs the sound and keep the neighbors sane. Because of the filler material used (200x100x4 cm soundproofing foam panels) I decided to make 4 100x100cm panels. I started with 16 wood slats of 100x4x2cm.

 Using wood screws and metal angles I made 4 frames.

Laying a frame on backing fabric, I used staples to stretch the fabric onto the frame. It is important to give the fabric a lot of tension.

I cut my foam panels in half, giving me 100x100x4cm panels (black cat for scale).

I put the front fabric down and put the foam and the frame on top. Similar to the backing fabric I stapled the front fabric to the frame.
On the back side I hammered two nails into the lateral wood slats. I connected the two nails with a thick wire, which I used to hang the panels on the walls. And here they are:
I the rectangular room I have one panel on one wall....

...two panels on the side...

...and the last panel on the third wall.

And what should I say? It works!


My "Urban" Garden

Hi there, long time no see! I was busy moving this year, so I did not have as much time as I would like to make awesome stuff.

Today I would like to show you my little "urban" garden I put up at my terrace. I decided to plant vegetables, so I have something of my gardening efforts (and you know, I have to stock up on food, because...Winter is coming!).

This my Zucchini plant blooming.

I have a planter with 3 tomato plants (Montserrat and Bull's heart) with salad planted at the bottom.

On the sides of the planter I have Snow Peas. I never tried those.

I also have cauliflower, onions, garlic, strawberry and cat grass (so the cat wont eat the other plants... yeah, as if that would work...). 

I even have some radish and carrots growing.  

And I hope my chili peppers will come out red hot!

 So, this is my little garden. It is a little cramped, but it is fun to watch the plants grow and bear fruit. At least I will have something to eat, which in this economy is something to celebrate.