Finger knitting scarf

So lately I looked up how to knit without needles. There is a nice tutorial on youtube:

Normal finger knitting just gives you a long "snake". I figured out how to join different rows to a scarf. Here you can see the 5 joined rows (yes, I didn't do the first row very well).

The scarfs rolls itself together, but it looks quiet good.

Making time: about 2 evenings.

How to join rows:

Make a normal row. When you have done that you pull this row a bit apart. You will see that your row has two edges which consist of loops.

Start your second row, weaving one time around your fingers. Before weaving a second time, slide one of the side loops of the first (finished) row over your pinky.
Then weave the wool around your fingers. Now you should have two loops on each finger (as in the normal knitting), but on your pinky you have the loops of your first row between those loops.
When lifting the bottom loop over top loop (the normal knitting) you just have to lift the bottom two loops on your pinky over the top loop.
Repeat. At the end you have something like this.


Embroidered Paper Brooch

This brooch is made with laminated paper from an old book (published 1966) with the outlines of a crow printed and the emboidered on. The paper is sewn to cardboard and felt (doing zig-zag stitches in an oval ain't that easy...).
A close-up of the hand sewn outlines:
On the back is a pin sewn on.
And that's what it looks in place.


Smallest Possible Camera Hack?

This might be the smallest (and maybe boring) camera hack possible. I use a Fuji Finepix S8000fd to shoot pictures of the things I make (not the best camera ever made, but definitively worth the price). The camera comes with a lens cap, which you can tie to your cam. That's nice, because you can't lose the cap. Problem is that when making photos you always have the cap dangling about. So I just added one of those clips for USB drives, which you get on many lanyards on conferences, to the lens cap string. Now I can take the cap off whenever it comes in my way.

(picture taken with the Asus Eee PC 701 webcam)


The little cabinet of horrifying horror...

A while back I made this.
Basically I:
  • searched Dream Anatomy for a nice picture
  • printed the picture on my inkjet printer
  • made the paper look old
  • glued the paper on cardboard
  • fixated (broken) medical looking instruments with zip ties


Resistors...nothing but resistors

I was given three bags full of resistors.The obvious thing to do was to make some earrings...
What can I do with the 999 left resistors? We will see...


Barclona - Restaurants: Txakolin

I cannot believe noone told me that we have Google StreetView already in Barcelona. That gives me the opportunity to show some places we enjoy here.

So, to begin with here is a very good restaurant.

Bigger map

The Txakolin is near the "Parc de la ciutadella". Served are "tapas" and "pinxos" (In the words of the IT crowd: "Small spanish food."). Don't miss out drinking one or two ciders. The guys behind the counter serving food are quite funny sometimes.