My take on the Osoberry Bag

Foxflat shared the pattern for the “Osoberry Bag” at her blog. This is my take on it. I used also a combination of plain and heavily patterned fabrics.


On the front I added button for easy closing.


I added a zippered pouch on the inside of the bag, which makes it a bit different from the original pattern.


Surprisingly this was a very fast project, which only took two evenings.


Glass jar enhancement for tealights

Out of the second edition of craft night with friends come this glass jars for tealights. The first is adorned with polymer clay in a floral pattern.


The second, more simple one, has also polymer clay on it.


And the third is very simple. Just added a crafting wire pendant with glass pearls to the rim.



Converting a watercolor block into a smaller sketchbook

Back in the day I bought a rather large watercolor block. The paper (even though high weight) was not of the best quality, so I didn’t use it as much. So I decided to convert this block in a small watercolor notebook for fast sketches.

Here is the block:


I cut the pages down to 4 smaller pages each with 12 x 17 cm. With a corner punch I rounded off two corners. For this sketchbook I prepared 20 pages, 1 cover and 1 back.


From a piece of scrap paper I made a guide for punching holes in the spine edge of the pages, setting the holes 1 cm apart.


Stacking 4 pages each time, I punched the holes.


For the spine I made a wire spiral, wrapping the wire around a thick pencil with 1 cm distance between the single windings.


Then, after staking my pages, I “screwed in” the spiral into the holes, cut of the wire and bent the ends to form small loops. The result is a small transportable sketchbook.