More Nine Lives of Cats buttons

Hello there! I just whipped up a batch of 40 mm brooches with black and white print.

I moved the safety pin on the back a bit up, so the brooch hangs better when pinned. 


The Baby Patchwork Ball

This is a patchwork ball, consisting of 12 pentagons and made for my niece. The ball is sewn by hand and filled with cootn filling. A tutorial fo rmaking your own can be found here.


A T-shirt design for Bageslindy

I volunteered to make the T-shirt design for the Lindyhop dancers of Bageslindy. Here is the result:

What is Lindyhop you ask? Here is how it is done:


The return of the 40mm brooch

Hello there, it's me again! I am still working on my approach to the fully DIY brooch. Here I took the polymer base and glued flannel fabric on it with two motives stenciled on it. I used fabric paint and a hand-cut stencil to apply a "9" and the silhouette of a cat. 

The border is again lined with felt.