Noemozica features the Figaflors blog

Oh happy day! The Figaflors I Braves headquarter was filled with joy when this blog was featured on Noemozica’s “Noemozica & her stuff”. Jump over there and enjoy her blog.


Click here for the Google translated version.


Watercolor Wednesday: Black & White Portrait

Hi everyone, time to post another step in my expedition into watercolors.

Here I was trying to start some portraying (which I have never done before). So I hopped over to shorpy.com to get a model. I cropped out the face of this picture:


I did some sketching by hand on a 13:9cm area:


And then starts the coloring…


…until I came to an end.


The finished picture does not look like a copy of the original, but has it’s own “quality”. For a first hand-sketched portrait it is not too shabby.


Quick project: Zipper brooch

This is just a quick project I made these days. Basically you can follow my tutorial here, to make this brooch yourself. Here I used a larger zipper, so I ended up with a spiraling part in the middle.



Watercolor Wednesday: Lycianthes rantonnetii

In my pursuit of watercolor stardom, I have to get better in reproducing reality. Here is the watercoloring I made using the Wikipedia pic of Lycianthes rantonnetii as an example. Not bad! The key to getting better really is practice, practice and practice.


Upcycling: Milk carton basket

In the series of upcycling projects, I started making woven baskets out of milk or juice cartons. This one is just a first experiment. The basket is about 10x10x5cm.


Upcycle: The Milk Carton Coin Purse

Hello there! Today I will show you how to make a coin purse out of a milk (or juice) carton.

1. Cut off the bottom and top of the carton. Fold in the sides.


2. Now cut off some top part, leaving a flap for later closing.


3. Cut a 3mm line in the front and side of the carton. This will make the bend much easier (This is somwhat different from other tutorials you find on the web).


4. Now you can bend the coin purse.


5. Staple the two compartment walls together.


6. Now you can cut the corners of the flap round, add some adhesive velcro and bend over the flap.


7. You are done!



Upcycle: The T-Shirt Scarf

Have some shirts laying around you don’t want anymore? Why not make a scarf out of them?

Here is how:

1. Cut your shirts in stripes. I used two shirts and cut the strips 20cm (about 8 inches) wide. After this I cut away the side seems.  IMG_3080

2. Lay out the strips to see if your scarf will be long enough.


3. Sew the strips together.


4. Pin the two faces of the scarf together.


5. Sew the sides together, so you have a long tube.

6. Turn the tube inside out.

7. Sew the sides again.

8. Now sew the tube shut about 10cm from the ends.

9. Cut the ends in to get some fringe. And you are done.