Craft related music: Beth - Tots els botons

Hello there! Here I post a music vdeo which somewhat belongs in this blog (a) because it contains a crafty theme and (b) it is in catalan, which is the second official language where I live.


A fabric scrap brooch

In the quest for the direction my crafting should take I decided to follow the path of lapel pin / brooch manufacturer. Here is the latest creation. The brooch consists of scrap fabric and a felt leave, glued to the brooch base.

The base of the brooch is made of polymer clay. This allows me to add directly the safety pin and use different forms and sizes for the pin.


Tutorial: The Flower Pin

Today I show you how to make a cheap and fast project: A flower pin.
This tutorial is based on the tutorial of CraftSanity which you can find here, to which I want to give full credit here. Instead of a dandelion we will make a red flower and we are going to add leaves to the stem.

What you will need:
  • green wool
  • red wool (or the color you want the blossom to have)
  • a fork
  • a safety pin
  • a paper clip
  • scissors

1. Cut a piece of red wool and put it between the middle tines.
2. Now weave between the tines with your red wool. From one side....
... to the other side.
Continue until you have no space left
3. Take the ends of the string between the middle tines and make a knot (a knot whoch you can still pull tight) around all your loops you made.

4. While tightening your knot push the loops of the tines.
5. Pull the knot tight and secure with a second knot. Cut off the dangling string ends.
6. Take the paper clip and bend it open.
7. Insert the "pack of nooses" into the hook and bend it shut.
8. Now, take the green wool and start wrapping it around the paperclip.
9. When you have wrapped a bit make a small loop. This will become a leaf.
10. Continue wrapping around....
... and make a second loop. Wrap down to the end of the paperclip.
11. Bend the end of the paper clip and start wrapping upwards.

12. Take your open safety pin and hold it on the back of the flower.

13.  Wrap the string around the pin. Take care not to wrap in your leaves.
14. Now knot the wool tight and cut off. To give the flower a more "natural" look, you can bend it lightly.


Prototyping: Stuffed Jewelery

Just a short update. I am doing a lot of thinking lately regarding the direction this blog and my crafting is taking. In the near future I am going to start prototyping, looking at different approaches and searching for a product line which I can put out there to buy. 

So here I show you one prototype for a Stuffy or Soft Brooch.


The 10 minutes scrap fabric key chain

I just leave a very easy and fast project for you.

If you have a piece of scrap fabric left you like, here is away to make a key chain out of it.

1. You need a strip of fabric (about 1''x 8'') and a key ring.

2. Fold the fabric strip lengthwise to the middle and press.

3. Now fold the fabric to the middle and press.

4. Sew the fabric together, leaving place for the key ring to pass. Insert your ring.

5. Now you can put on your key. You can make for different key as identification or make a longer one. Get creative!