The Hello Kitty Messenger Bag

Our (two and a half year old) niece is fallen for the Cult of the Cat, or better known as Hello Kitty. Looking for some crochet project to do, I found a pattern for a Hello Kitty head. After crocheting the cat head, I decided to construct a small messenger bag for The Niece, so she can lug stuff around.


The Kitty crochet appliqué was made following the tutorial at Made by K.



Watercolor Wednesday: The otters of Salt

This is a watercolor sketch I made of the otter sculptures (Les llúdrigues) at the town square (Plaza de la vila) in Salt.
24x17cm watercolor on paper


The Recycled Mini-Notebook (Matchbook Style)

Here I present you how to make a recycled mini-notebook:

  1. Cut a strip of cardboard of 14.5x5.5cm. Cereal boxes work great!
  2. Score the cardbord 4 times. Distances 1.5cm, 1.75cm, 8cm and 8.5cm measured from one edge. Optional: Put  sellotape over the scores. This prevents the cardboard from ripping on the folds.
  3. Cut an A4 paper down to 12x5cm strips. IF you have leftovers, you can try to get some more 6x5cm pieces.
  4. Fold the paper down the middle and make a stack.
  5. 1cm from the fold make an incision with a cutter. This will help to rip out pages easier. If you do not want to rip out the pages, you can just skip this step.Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_0638
  6. Cut a cover page 6x5cm. You will need this if you have followed step 5, because the front flap will hang up on the cuts, when you close the notebook.
  7. Stack the cover page on the blank pages and put the pages in the cardboard cover. Staple the pages to the cardboard (staple through cardboard latch, pages and cardboard back).
  8. Slip the front under the latch and you finished your matchbook style notebook.Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_0658


A fast treat: The microwave brownie

Every now and then it is nice to treat yourself to a nice snack. What is better than a warm fudgy brownie for that?

There are many recipes for microwave brownies out there in the wild wild web. I just would like to document here the mix that worked well for me.

Ok, lets gather the ingredients. You’ll need:

- 4 Tablespoons all purpose flour

- 4 Tablespoons sugar

- 2 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa

- 4Tablespoons milk

- 3 Tablespoons vegetable oil (such as sunflower)

- 1-2 Tablespoons chocolate chips

- a pinch of salt

- 1/4 teaspoon vanilla sugar


Everything ready? Lets start!

1. Give flour, sugar, vanilla sugar, cocoa, salts and chocolate chips into a mug.


2. Add the oil and milk.

3. Mix thoroughly.


4. Microwave the mix. About 60-90 seconds in a 900W microwave oven will work fine.

5. Let the brownie cool down a bit and enjoy it still warm!