From the sketchbook: Body parts

Following up on last weeks post on the sketching progress, I show you a few sketches on anatomy of different body parts.



Sew a guys wallet

Because my wallet is too bulky I decided today to sew a new billfold. I used the fantastic tutorial on Noodlehead as a guide. It turned out rather well…



Phone Pouch

Today I threw together a phone pouch using some scrap fabric, a button and some string.



From the sketchbook: Figures

As I already noted, I took up sketching following loosely the book “Figure sketching: For what it’s worth” written by Andrew Loomis. While in the process I wanted to put up some pages from my sketchbook to show the progress,



Fabric covered notebook: Seventh and probably last iteration

Finally I am perfecting the book binding of this little notebook. The result is a nice small A6 sized 88 page notebook with a fabric cover. The paper is 80g/m2 , the cover, final and first pages are reclaimed cardboard and envelopes.


By using the glued spine method, I got a nice alignment of the pages.



Fabric covered notebook: Sixth iteration

This is the next step in notebook development. I was not happy about the layer of fabric between cover and signature block and the alignment of the signatures in general. To change the process a bit, I glued the spine instead of the long stitch used before. The fabric is sewn to the cardboard cover. The page alignment is quite good and the spine sturdy. I think I will go with this technique for the next ones. The fabric cover still needs some refinement.



Fabric covered notebook: Fifth iteration

I am back again with another iteration of the notebook. Again it is approx. A6 in size with 9 signatures of 4 double pages.