The polka dot baby dress

Hello there! Summertime is getting near, so it is time to prepare summer clothing for the niece. For this project I copied the outline of an existing fitting dress and made it a bit bigger, so it will fit the kid in the coming months. As a fabric we choose green with white polka dots on the front and rest for the lining.

The halters are knotted and I added push buttons to the back of the dress.


Coffee capsule storage

Hello there. If you own a coffee machine which needs capsules and you want to store the capsules in reach but out of sight, you might consider this little hack.

I mounted a few sections of "H" profile PVC guide. With about 2 m of plastic pieces and double sided adhesive tape I got 6 lines of capsules hanging under the cupboard.


I am on Craftster.org

Holy cow! One of my early projects was selected by the Craftsters for the Wear It This Weekend category.

Go to their blog at http://www.craftster.org/blog/?p=8384 and you will get the tutorial (back from 2007).


Get your skills in shape: Bendy Straw Shrimp

One of the very important things in life is to know stuff and train your crafting skills. Why not surprise at the next party with a shrimp made of a bendy straw?

A tutorial can be found here.


Zipper Brooch Tutorial

Lets make a Zipper Brooch today.

1. You will need:
  • a zipper (I used a 20cm long one.)
  • a button
  • a sewing needle (If you are not comfortable with sewing you can use a hot glue gun...)
  • sewing yarn
  • a safety pin
2. Open your zipper.
3. Make your first pair of loops. First on one side...

... then the other side.

4. Sew one stitch to hold the loops in place.

5. Now make your second set of loops. First on one side....
....then the other side.
Again, sew one point to hold your loops in place.

6. Now you are ready to form the last pair of loops. One side....

...then the other.

Sew another point to hold everything in place.

7. Sew on your button now.

8. Now turn your brooch over and insert the safety pin.

9. Fix the safety pin by sewing right and left.