Zipper Brooch Tutorial

Lets make a Zipper Brooch today.

1. You will need:
  • a zipper (I used a 20cm long one.)
  • a button
  • a sewing needle (If you are not comfortable with sewing you can use a hot glue gun...)
  • sewing yarn
  • a safety pin
2. Open your zipper.
3. Make your first pair of loops. First on one side...

... then the other side.

4. Sew one stitch to hold the loops in place.

5. Now make your second set of loops. First on one side....
....then the other side.
Again, sew one point to hold your loops in place.

6. Now you are ready to form the last pair of loops. One side....

...then the other.

Sew another point to hold everything in place.

7. Sew on your button now.

8. Now turn your brooch over and insert the safety pin.

9. Fix the safety pin by sewing right and left.


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noemozica dijo...

yipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! cuando lo tengo hecho, te enseño las fotos!!