Penknife maintenance

A few days ago I found a small penknife that was scuffed, but still usable.


The metal parts were a bit rusty and the wood handle was scratched. So I took the knife apart and cleaned and oiled the metal parts, I sanded the handle parts and spray painted them black with a nice coat of clear finish. The result is a nice pocket knife with a 7cm blade, ideal for sharpening a pencil or cutting an apple.



Converting clip on suspenders to buttoned ones

As commented before I was invited to a party with a bit of dancing going on. The idea was to have a fancy dress party in the style of the 20s or 30s. One accessory for men are suspenders. Having only a few days left I couldn’t get the buttoned style, so I decided to convert a clip on one. Here is a pair of suspenders I bought at the dollar store for 3 Euro.


I went on to replace the clips. First I took the clips off and pried the metal ring out.


I cut out three pieces of scrap leather.


Put the leather piece through the ring and sew the ends together right side facing in.


Turn the leather around and sew the ring in place.


From an old belt I cut out three long strips with round heads. For the buttons I made cuts in the heads and punched a hole on the end of the cuts to prevent them from ripping.


I folded the pieces lengthwise and sew them.


Here is the comparison between before and after.


And this is what they look like when worn:


I heard bow ties are cool now…