Sneak Peek - The Sketchbook Project 2013 (3)

These are the next pages of my entry.


Sneak Peek - The Sketchbook Project 2013 (2)

Going on with the peeks into my Sketchbook Project 2013 entry, today I show you the title page.

The whole Sketchbook is filled with watercolor drawings.


As a bonus here you have the first double page. To have some kind of guideline for my sketchbook I decided to have a sentence on the left page and an accompanying illustration on the right page. I hope that the randomness of the different pages will get me a few chuckles.



Pencil case


Today I made a pencil case following the tutorial by Mairuru. It did turn out pretty nice.



Sneak Peek - The Sketchbook Project 2013 (1)

2013 started great. My entry to the Sketchbook Project 2013 arrived in Brooklyn and is in the process of being digitized.
In the coming weeks I will publish some images from my entry.
As a first peek I show you here the cover of my sketchbook. I could not decide on a theme, so I gave it the title “Off the top of my head – Random thoughts”.