A week on the coast

Summer vacation is over. After one week at the Costa Brava, we returned to our home.

One week of vacations result in about one table full of beach glass. Lets see what I can come up with it. 


Framed Mini Quilt

After painting our flat, we didn't want to put up the old pictures and puzzles we had framed long time ago. Instead of searc hing for new pictures I decided to make a mini quilt to fit the frame and hence serve as wall decoration. The quilt measures only 30x40cm.


Felt Animals

These are some felt animals I made for the niece. The felt was cut using the IKEA Drömmar cookie cutters as patterns. The felt awas then embroidered, sewn and stuffed with cotton filling.


Working on Product Packaging

Back in the day I prepared packaging for the products to stare and sell stuff I made. To start a nerwe shop at etsy, I decided to work on a new product pàckaging. For this I embroidered a flower on paper, scanned it in, GIMPed it and printed on card stock:

This is the evolution of the packaging until now:

Now I only have to get the etsy store working...