Upcycling: The Shirt Quilt

I had a few button up shirts laying around which I wasn’t wearing anymore. So I cut them up and used the fabric to make a quilt out of them. The dimensions are 114 x 93 cm.





The Lifehacker Night School: Digital Painting 101

As you might know, I do not put a lot of things in this blogs, which are not generated by me (mainly because I use this blog as my productivity log). But last week I was participating in the Lifehacker Night School for digital painting. I would like to recommend this course of 5 short lessons for beginners of digital design. So, get out your graphic tablets and get going:

Lesson 1: Get Started Painting on Your Computer

Lesson 2: Brushes and Erasers

Lesson 3: Mixing Paint

Lesson 4: Layers

Lesson 5: Putting It All Together


Watercolor Wednesday: Three Apples

Since the beginning of the watercolor experiment, I am drawing apples. Every time that I don’t know what to paint: Apples. 



Upcycling: The woven map basket

One nice project you can do with old road maps: Weave a basket. I made a tall one. Maybe I put a glass in it and use it as a vase…IMG_3305

A tutorial can be found here.


Watercolor Wednesday: Our black cat

To make more sketches and watercolor paintings I used our cat today. Really hard to sketch when he is not asleep.