The pop-up house tutorial

Hey there! I haven't updated this blog in ages...

I've got mail from Allesandro asking how I did the pop-up house way back in 2010 (Click here to go back in time...) I did not have a tutorial on hand, so I made one to share with y'all. Okay, first print out the next two pictures. The first one are the parts of the house....

...the second one is the ground plan showing how to position the house in the fold.
You start by cutting out all pieces.

Take the biggest piece and fold the vertical creases. glue the it together so you end up with the walls of the house. 

Fold the long piece in half and spread the lips on the sides apart. Glue it together lengthwise.

Put the wall part down flat. On the inside of the gable glue the spread lips of the long piece.

Do this on both sides and you get the structure which holds the roof up.
Fold the roof part in half.

Glue the roof on the structure. I use cello-tape, because the roof flaps have to move freely.

See? The roof flaps can move like wings.

Now, fold the ground plane.

Lie the house flat on the plane and glue the flap on the bottom of the short side of the house to the line on the ground plane.

Unfold the house and glue the lip on the bottom of the long side to the ground plane.

You are done! If you open and close the ground plane, the house should pop up.