Alice: A pop-up story book

Lately I was working on pop-up book prototypes, but found myself in a creative cul-de-sac. So I made a quick and fun project. Using a printer, I printed out pages for a story book, which I then colored by hand with watercolor. The finished 4 page book can be seen here:

Here are the single pages of the book:


Watercolor Wednesday: Three Birch Stems

This is the next exercise on Watercolor Wednesday. What was really interesting was that the "white" birch stems are really colored.

Disclaimer: The here show exercise was based on a tutorial of Peter Humeniuk.


The making of the 10 year anniversary rings

So for our 10th anniversary I decided to get us some rings. To make the whole thing more interesting I decided to design the rings and get them made by laser sintering (LASERS, yeah!). This is more or less how I did it:


10 year anniversary rings

To celebrate our ten year anniversary I got two rings laser sintered. In a few days I show you how I designed the rings in detail.


Watercolor Wednesday: Bananas and Apple

Coming back to fruits, I made this painting with bananas and a red apple.

Disclaimer: The exercise conducted here was based on the tutorial on Yong Chen.


Watercolor Wednesday: A Feather

I found a feather a few days ago. Trying to paint it with watercolors, I ended up with this:

Sorry for the  waves in the paper, I really should stretch the paper before painting (BTW I used 140g paper, but I have a 200g pad waiting for me in the cupboard)


Mini patchwork name tag

For the first birthday celebration for our niece, I made a mini patchwork name tag for her room. First I cut out hexagons out of paper and fabric and pieced these together.

Meanwhile my assistant cut out the letters for her name, which I then embroidered.

Once the hexagon patchwork was cut to size, I fixated it with a ruler on our cutting mat. I then proceeded to glue the letters to the fabric.

After the glue was dry, the work was framed and was ready for giving away.


Watercolor Wednesday: The Beginning

Hi there! I decided take up the struggle with an old enemy of mine. When I was a kid, we had art classes in school. A lot of hours were dedicated to watercoloring, which I never liked in some way. In retrospect I feel like I had a great tool at hand, which I never learned to use right. Inspired by the great William Berryman and Carl Larsson I bought a set of colors and a paper and started my encounter with this old enemy. In the times to come I am going to put here on Watercolor Wednesday one of my watercoloring exercises. This will be a chance for you to witness my rise to perfectionism or my struggle and failure. Either way it might be entertaining.

Starting off with an easy exercise, I present you the first apples.

Disclaimer: The exercise depicted here was based on the tutorial on Yong Chen.


Medium Sized Quilt

I present to you the first medium size quilt I made. This is a 110x60cm quilt which we hung on the wall of our study. The design is inspired by Random Reflections by Freckled Whimsy.