The plastic brooche

I got my hands on plastic granules intended for melting. Obvious thing to do is making brooches out of it. I made some 40 mm diameter discs with about 3-4 mm thickness. A round piece of tin foil is baked into it, which gives a nice reflecting effect.

And thats what the back looks like...

And the final packaging:


Packing up

I realized that for storage and selling I need packing, so here is the first version of packaging I use:


Thank you, Oh Fransson!

Over at the Oh Fransson headquarters, Elizabeth posted a detailed tutorial for a sling bag. I was searching for a while for a nice project to get my sewing skills going, so here is my first bag sewn with her pattern:


Mercedes Museum

So we went to see the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart (Germany) two weeks ago.

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This would be my new ride, but unfortunately the trunk space is a bit small and the miles-per-gallon isn't that hot:

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