About this Blog and Me

Thanks for stopping by my blog. What you encountered here, dear reader, is a blog (or merely a log) about the crafty and artsy things I make.

I am Martin, a craftster who is living right now in Manresa, Spain.

Why keeping a blog?
This blog in particular helps me to keep track of the things I have made in the past. That's all. Oh, and it keeps me on doing stuff.
Additionally this blog can serve as a source of inspiration for other craftsters.

What is the craftster thing all about?
Crafting things is an interesting opportunity to excercise your skills and makes you think about how stuff is made. By getting interested about how something is made you start to explore your world more thoroughly. I go on trying out techniques to achieve something creative.

Regarding copyright
All content on this blog was created by me if not otherwise stated. I try to avoid re-posting pictures or tutorial that other people made.  If my stuff gets posted somewhere else, I prefer a link to my page to identify me as the author. Everything not made by me is presented as such on this blog to give my respect to all the craftster out there doing the good work. Also I do not have any responsibilities for the content of the linked sites.