The Camera Bag Strap

So I entered the world of DSLR cameras recently. To tote around my precious camera, I bought a camera bag from Case Logic, which is a nice bag (especially the camera suspension "hammock"), but the strap is no good. The shoulder padding is quite big in comparison to the strap, so it seems to be very probable that it will twist around and slide of your shoulder whenever it has an opportunity.

This is the original strap:

So, lets make a better bag strap.
What you need:
  • sturdy thick fabric
  • padding (I used a fleece blanket, which I am using as a cheap padding)
  • about 1-2 m of a strap in the width you like
  • 2 fitting hooks and sliding plastic thingies

Strap not depicted.

Here is the pattern I used for the padding. 

Cut out the banana shaped shoulder pad. I cut out one of the fabric parts. Then I pinned down the fabric face to face on the second fabric and on two layers of fleece.

Then you might to sew the long sides of the banana.

Turn the tube inside-out and sew the borders, closing of the ends of the tube.

Sew the plastic things to the straps. Add the hooks. You can get orientation for this on an existing bag.

Now you can sew your prepared straps onto the shoulder pad banana.

Why is the pad banana-shaped, you ask? Because, when you hang the bag on your shoulder, the shape fits great to your shoulder, which has a good "fitting" and "secure" feel to it.

So this is the finished strap on the bag:

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