DIY Ukulele Felt Picks

For some fast picking on a ukulele you might need a pick. Felt picks are pretty common, but not all music stores have them. You can make your own felt picks with only two ingredients: Self-adhering felt and some plastic. I used felt meant to protect furniture and the plastic of a drain cleaner bottle (thoroughly washing it with water). Later I tried also the plastic of a transparent printer foil and a water bottle, giving the picks different stiffness. the water bottle one was the best form me. I like the picks soft, so the strumming sounds soft, but still stiff enough to do some picking.


First sketch the profile of the pick paper. It doesn’t matter if the outline is not symmetrical.

By folding the sketch in the middle and cutting it out, you get a nice symmetrical form.

Now cut the plastic by using your template.


Adhere the felt on both sides one by one and cut the felt to size.

You can do different designs and forms, depending on your preferences. I liked the Reuleaux-triangle shape best.
Happy strumming!

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