A Comically Small Chef Hat (Mini Toque)

So, a local English school is doing cooking workshops for children. Two teachers are going to lead the workshop, both in costume. While one teacher went for a comically large costume (large chef hat, big Santa Claus belly), the second teacher (my SO) wants to go for comically small (mini chef hat). So I made a small chef hat.


If you want to make one for decorative or costume purposes, I show you how.

Cut a 25x15cm piece of white fabric and interfacing. Also cut a 22cm diameter disk of white fabric.


Fuse the interfacing rectangle to the fabric.


Fold the rectangle lengthwise and se the ends together with 1cm tolerance. Now you have the base cylinder.


Thread a thread near the edge of the disk.


Pull the thread until you get an opening which fits in the cylinder.


Insert the disk into the cylinder and sew the edges together. You can take out the thread used to form the disk.


Turn inside out.


I added a thin elastic band to the hat, so it can be worn.


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Natàlia dijo...

Love, love, love this hat!!! It's so minute and funny!! AND most importantly well-done!!!