The day I will become an artist

Hello there! Long time no see. I went on a vacation (Bruges, like a […] fairy tale) and didn’t come around to update the blog. Additionally I entered the Sketchbook Project 2013. My sketchbook arrived shortly after the vacation on my doorstep,
Now it is up to me to fill a 5x7’’ notebook with drawings. Oh boy, now I have a deadline! The Sketchbook will go on exhibition in 2013 in several galleries in the USA. If I succeed I am going to be a published artist. Oh boy!
When I am done I will publish my drawings on this blog.

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AlexM dijo...

qué bueno! yo también tengo el sketchbook en casa...pero la verdad que no sé si lo acabaré. hace mucho que no lo he tocado y me da pereza seguir. y ahora con las navidades no tengo tiempo. tú lo tendrás supongo no?
un abrazo