How to Make a Banjo Uke Strap

Tired of having to sit down to play your banjolele? Make yourself a strap!

Here is how:

Step1: Make a plan.

Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1943 (Medium)

Step 2: Gather your material. I used:

  • 2 fabric pieces 7cmx20cm
  • 1 fabric piece 7cmx97cm
  • 1 shoelace (about 70cm)
  • 2 plastic buckles for 2cm wide straps
  • 1 plastic strap slide

Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1938 (Medium)

Step 3: Fold and iron the fabric pieces 2 times so you end up with 1.75cm wide straps.

Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1939 (Medium)Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1941 (Medium)Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1942 (Medium)

Step 4: Now sew along the edges with a few millimeter allowance on all straps,

Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1945 (Medium)

Step 5: Take on short strap and sew one part of one buckle to it by making a loop.

Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1947 (Medium)Step 6: on the other end sew a loop.

Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1948 (Medium) 

Step 7: Cut about 32 cm of the shoelace.

Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1949 (Medium)

Step 8: Make a knot so you have a 7cm loop.

Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1950 (Medium)

Step 9: Stuff the ends into the loop of the short strap and sew over,

Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1951 (Medium)Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1954 (Medium)

Step 10: Repeat Steps 6-9 for the other short strap.

Step 11: Sew the slider to the long strap. Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1956 (Medium)

Step 12: Push the loose end of the strap through the slider after looping through one buckle part,

Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1958 (Medium)

Step 13: On the other end sew on the last buckle part, You have now a finished strap

Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1959 (Medium)

To fixate your strap to the banjolele, disconnect the buckles and slide the shoelace loop through one of the metal J-hooks on the head.

Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1961 (Medium)

Pull the other end of the short strap through,

Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1963 (Medium)

Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1964 (Medium)

Do this also with the second short strap and connect the long strap the short ones. You did it.

Figaflors_i_Braves_IMG_1966 (Medium)

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