My 3D printer… ROCKS!

A few days ago the bridge of my electric ukulele broke. It was torn from the fixing screw because of the bad quality of the bridge (that’s what you get for buying cheap).


I faced the decision to either send the ukulele in to get a total replacement or to try to get a replacement part. Knowing that the replacement will have the same quality issues, I went in a different direction. A few measurements later I started up my BCN3D printer and printed out a replacement for the bridge.


This is my homemade replacement part (in white, because I had white in the printer),


Now it is only a matter of drilling out the second screw…


…take off the original part (the cable under the bridge belongs to the pickup which fits in the bridge)…


…and install the new part.


Because the part has to withstand some serious tension from the cords, I made a beefier version with 3 fixation screws instead of 2. Here is a picture with the original part and the three design iterations I did.


I am pretty happy with the result. The last step will be to print the new part in black to make it fit more the original color scheme.


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noemozica dijo...

¡¡Pero si es más bonito el nuevo!! ¡¡Eres un artistazo!!